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Custom clearing Agent

Clearing agents or a customs border clearance agency ensure legal and quick passage through border agencies. They do this by managing customs inspections, dealing directly with the customs officers, and negotiating customs duty with local customs authorities depending on the cargo and country

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Export Clearance

Official permission to bring goods into or take goods out of a country: An importer can file documents 30 days in advance of the expected date of arrival of a vessel, which facilitates customs clearance

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Freight Forwarding

Freight forwarding consists of strategic logistics planning and execution for the international movement of goods, on behalf of shippers. Specifically, a freight forwarder will carry out freight rate negotiations, container tracking, customs documentation and freight consolidation, among other tasks

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We provide Freight Forwarding (Sea, Air, Road), Imports/Exports Customs Clearance, Freight Insurance, Warehousing and Logistics Consultancy Services